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Instagram Cuties

Hey, no offense to any instagram cutie but why some girls are posting over 500 pictures of one single person on instagram? Most times the photo is edited and cropped, they change the bright and contrasts and even add stickers to make it more attractive. Instagram Cuties > Most of these girls are selfie … Continue reading Instagram Cuties

Gorgeous Shy Teen Ex GF Nudes

You know what? my ex gf now want me to call her friend with benefits but I prefer to call her ‘fuck buddy’. I mean she is okay to fuck but I hate how shy my exgf is, you know what I mean? She is a legitimate sweetie, a real hottie. Really good and hot … Continue reading Gorgeous Shy Teen Ex GF Nudes

Young Shy Teens

My girlfriend is a teenage girl and she is always horny. I mean, she want to have sex all the time. I know it’s okay but what do I need to do?  Please don’t give me rude answers guys. I’m just looking for useful advice. I’m a fourteen year man and my gf is 19 … Continue reading Young Shy Teens