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Chantel Jeffries & Sarah Snyder Bikini

Chantel Jeffries & Sarah Snyder bikini pictures from Miami Beach, 03/27/2019. We don’t really know which girl is hotter, but Chantel is kind of more popular, so we’re going with her. Enjoy the pics. Chantel: Sarah:

Sarah Snyder & Chantel Jeffries Are Perfect Together

Sarah Snyder and Chantel Jeffries are among some of the most beautiful women in the world and here you can check them both out. Who’s hotter?

Sarah Snyder & Chantel Jeffries Sexy (25 Photos)

Sarah Snyder and Chantel Jeffries relax in bikinis by the pool in Miami Beach, 02/20/2017. Sarah Snyder is an American model. Age: 21 (July 30, 1995). Instagram: Shantel Jeffries is an American model. Age: 24 (born October 1, 1992). Instagram: Instagram