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Amazing Amazons

More pics of Maria Garcia sporting her killer torso, as well as a few from IronFire herself. Lower row starts off with NPC USA Champion Aleesha Young and finishes with a casting call for a female bodybuilder for a film depicting ‘the story of a driven, but emotionally closed off, young bodybuilder who leaves her […]

Natalia Knyazeva

Natalia Knyazeva is a world champion fitness competitor and one of the most titled athletes in Russia in fitness and bodybuilding. Looks like she has done her fair share of modeling as well judging from all these exquisite photographs. Détente never looked so good comrades…

Beautifully Buff

Erotic fitness model Briana Beau wants you to know she has her own website up now to entertain you with. IFBB Physique Pro Erica Blockman is one cute muscle girl and I’ve got the pics and video to prove it. And we finish with a dynamic photo-set from Costa Rican Esther Rodríguez, aka Tete, showing […]

Mouse & Squirt

One of the sexiest mice you’ll ever come across is this picture gallery of bikini, fitness and glamor model Jenny Poussin showing off her charms & cheese. And muscle girl Arial X shows up on an episode of XR University where she discusses the much-debated topic of female squirting and even masturbates herself to multiple […]

Foxy Muscle Girls

World famous fitness model and IFBB Pro Athlete Monica Martin has a few words for you and Russian fitness girl Tamila Teplitskaya makes for a most delicious feast for your lusting eyes.

Vivid Vixens

Looks like even Autumn is ready to put winter behind her and enjoy the spring and the sun. And I have a gallery of girls who didn’t have enough pics to make their own separate gallery so jumble city.

Tempting Trio

Cover Model and Tri-Fitness Competitor Darla Benfield is ready to show you what shes got, as well as Ms Fitness who sports a sexy slender frame that’s ripped and ready. And we finish with a reminder that Hip-Hop Honey Yves Nunez has her own tumblr now for you to keep up with her.

Skylar Rene Encore

More goodness for you from Skylar Rene, aka Michelle Jacot who we have featured often here, surely there can not be such a thing as too much Skylar Rene can there? There are a few pictures in there from previous post but I think you’ll survive the trauma, and do visit her tumblr to stay […]

Lyen, Elena and Rose

Lyen Wong is a German-Cuban fitness athlete, competitive since 2005 she has won a number of national and international titles in the fitness and figure categories. Lyen’s maternal grandparents hail from the Basque Country in Spain, while her father is of Chinese Cuban and Afro-Cuban descent. Hat tip to Jimmy for bringing her and some […]

Small Breasted Beauties

Holy Bazongas, I opened up the blog this morning and found it tilting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Diagnosis: excess silicon and saline implants. Hopefully this gallery will correct the imbalance and restore some semblance of order. I just got to say it is a shame that so many women feel the need or […]

The Watermelon Girl

Kortney “KO” Olson has gained some new fame for herself by crushing watermelons between her legs as recently covered by the New York Post. Its a pretty good article covering her life story of abuse, drug usage, modeling and the subsequent cleaning up of her life and her starting Kamp Konfidence to help young teen […]

Catherine & Friends

Pictures and a movie from a photo shoot IFBB Pro Figure competitor Catherine Holland did a while a back for Land of Venus. Looks like Cat has been a busy girl since and really added some new gains. And a few fitness girls get friendly for you modeli…

Twin Peaks

Foxy fitness model Tyler Stevens is delivering it to you through rain, snow or sleet. And the hardbody girl below goes by the name SexySubFetish, a cutie camgirl who loves the fetish world and all the roleplay that comes with it.

Dena Anne & Kim

Our marvelous muscle milf Dena Anne is back with a full gallery to display all her charms with, and Canadian fitness and figure model Kim Birtch has a ripped and rockin’ body to show off for you.

How Much Would You Pay To See These Tits?

I think Cindy is ready for the big reveal the more I see of her new pictures. She underwent surgery implanting 750cc saline implants over the muscle, overfilled to 1000cc to give a noticeable round and full look and avoid rippling. After all that surely the girl wants to show them off for all the […]

Erotic Physiques

Ana Maria Zvinca I’ve covered before in a previous post, but those pictures were deleted and her website is deleted as well, so a gallery for posterity’s sake. And a few more pictures of fitness diva Diana Tyuleneva: 5’6″ tall, weighs in at 127 lbs, and sports a delicious 36-23-36 figure that’s built like an […]

Three Muscle Girls

Starting you off with the 2016 Penthouse Pet of the Year Aspen Rae who is also one delicious fitness fox. Next up is IFBB Women’s Physique Athlete Modesta Halby from Denmark who has modeled for many muscle girl websites. And we finish with a video of All-American Girl Callie Bundy showing off her audacious skills […]

Fiery Fitness Fox

Back at you with another picture gallery (previous pictures) of former IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor Angie Semsch.

Hot Muscle Girls

It has been too long since we’ve featured the incomparable Larissa Reis so here’s a fresh look at this gorgeous buff beauty. Next up is the charming, charismatic and fun, 6’5″ Goddess Severa, (pronounced Sev-AIR-uh) who will also kick your ass. A former college and professional athlete she was also a successful NYC model. And […]

Sculpted Goddesses

Margita Zamolova is from the Czech Republic where she is an IFBB Bodyfitness competitor who placed third in the World Championships in 2014. Our next goddess is from Czechcasting with a buff physique that is definitely worth czeching out. The bottom row starts off with the delicious hardbody pornstar Aspen Rae, who’s got dibs? And […]

Strong & Sexy

Lady Hofmann is a fine art model based out of San Francisco, California. She has worked with many internationally renowned photographers and appeared in several exhibitions and magazines. Next up is photography from BaxleyFine, Lee Baxley and Kimmy Fine, working out of Tulsa Oklahoma and they have several fit models in their portfolio for you […]

Coco Crush

Check out these pictures of a young Coco Crush, aka Africa Carey, man she was one hot buff beauty back in the day. She says ‘I have been sculpting my goddess muscles and strength training for most of my life. Growing up I was classically trained in ballet. I have always enjoyed teasing and dominating […]


Coming at you with fitness icon Paige Hathaway, muscle cougar Clarkflex, World Champion Female bodybuilder Oana Hreapca, and a pornstar I came across who looks like she works out with those biceps.

Muscle Model Mayhem

A few portfolios you may find interesting at the popular Model Mayhem website. Toggle worksafe mode off near the top and to the right.

Fit Foxes

Kali Feline is your self described Fitness Feline & Death Squad Dame who also has some sexy hot pictures up at her Tumblr. Next up is the muscular pornstar and erotic fitness model Karyn Bayres from Buenos Aires Argentina, and you can find more pictures of her here. The bottom row starts off with a […]