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Absolute Amazons

Japanese Muscle Idol Reika Saiki is here to show you nobody cooks it up in the kitchen like a muscle girl. I noticed the website for NPC Fitness bodybuilder, aerialist, pole performer, and model MissFit Tess has been removed from the internet, along with her twitter account and Model Mayhem page, so here’s a picture […]

Halloween Treats

And not a trick in the bag. Red Sonja fights the Pumpkin King, a slinky contortionist hangs like a bat on a rope, a couple of spider girls make an appearance, and we finish with a rogue’s gallery of ghouls, goblins and witches.

Roxy, Cindy & Lea

Starting off with nude bodybuilder Roxie Rain and her splendid muscular body before we get to the Cindy Landolt autumn collection. The bottom row features sporty beauty Lea with a picture gallery and a video.

Milf & More

I’m not sure who our smiling muscle milf is but she is well built and very friendly with her girlfriend. Fitness babe Shannon Kelly is your next girl, a former kickboxer, porn star and adult model of Irish and Italian descent. The bottom row starts you off with a video clip from Boundless Comics, a […]

Wenona & Skylar

Once you get past the age restriction form you’ll find a seemingly bottomless portfolio from photographer David Le Beck featuring Wenona, Skylar and many more sexy girls.


Your anatomy classes continue with art model Kristýna Tomaschová focusing on the recling nude (previously here & there), and another picture gallery of fetish/glamour model and fantasy wrestler Andrea Rosu. The bottom row starts off with a gallery of Dena Anne and finishes with the contortions of Bella Bends.

Midsummer Muscle Mix

Fitness model Soraya (previously) is back with a gallery, this time enjoying the great outdoors. Photographer Jose Manchado is from Madrid Spain and he has a prolific portfolio of nudes, many of which are sporting toned physiques. Your last gal is The Burning Lotus, a 57 year old Austin Texas native who is here to […]

Blonde & Brawn

A pair of blonde bombers for you starting off with Lea Dancestyle, who is from Germany where she is a fitness trainer, model and dancer. Yulia Shenkarenko is an elite pro Ukrainian powerlifter, athlete and personal trainer.

Harley Quinn and The Golden Globes

Harley Quinn as imagined by cosplay maven Alyssa Loughran who has a pretty decent resume in the genre. A reader had a complaint about the previous Linda Steele gallery stating he could not study the finer details of Ms Steele’s muscular physique as it was being obscured by bothersome garments, so here is a small […]

Valentina & Alexis

Divalicious Valentina Lequeux was born and raised in Argentina with French and Italian roots and now currently lives in Miami Florida. Her toned physique is an absolute work of art and she works as a fitness model, personal trainer, and online sensation. Alexis Ellis is an IFBB professional fitness and figure competitor who also is […]

Venusian Delights

Some hot freshness from Land of Venus for your viewing pleasure, and finally a Japanese sex toy company heard your pleas for a muscle girl masturbator and they have come up with a device they call the Transcending Mysterious Japanese Female Bodybuilder Onahole. They state “this unique masturbator features biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose […]

Fit Physiques

Hmmm, I wonder how an old-school muscle girl legend like Dayana Cadeau would stack up against some of the newer muscle models we see these days, like a Cindy Landolt for instance. Mistress Kara has her own website now to entice you with, and we finish…

Lovenia Lux and the Throwbacks

Pornstar Lovenia Lux sports a slender physique but keeps it hard with rock climbing and playing basketball. She’s also an avid cosplay enthusiast as well as an active gamer. And do step into the time machine to marvel at the beauty and strength of these younger versions of Mistress Treasure and Krisztina Sereny.

Physical Attraction

Spanish physique competitor Laura Pintado Chinchilla is the overall winner of the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe and she is definitely a card carrying member of the Big Girls Club. Next up is Brazilian IFBB professional bodybuilder Juliana Malacarne who is here to show you just how sexy a 43 year old woman can look. And […]

Julie Ann Kulla

The former IFBB Figure Pro is looking quite sexy in this picture gallery showing off all her delicious assets. Growing up Julie was a competitive gymnast before turning to a successful career competing in fitness and figure.

Sexy Muscle Ladies

New pictures from Carmin Blue, Ashley Brooke and Fern Assard. Your bald-headed beauty is Lee Binks looking fiercely dazzling as she kicks cancer’s ass while becoming a three time national champion.

Denise & Melissa

Shemuscle’s adorable Denise is back in the gym posing for you showing off those powerful pecs, ripped abs and muscular legs, and Melissa Dettwiller pulls up into the Photoshop Garage for some add-on body work and customization to enhance her already sexy physique.

Love & Consequences

Your Valentines Day edition features love with its betrothed beginning and ends with the connubial dividend, expected or not. Heather Lee showed up too, said she wants to be your valentine!

Delicious Divinity

Photographer Jan Teller is based out of Denmark with a deep passion for capturing the strength and the beauty of the human body. Some of the finest physique imagery around and he has a huge portfolio on his Instagram for you to enjoy. Next up is Australian IFBB Physique Pro Competitor Lee-Anne Temnyk winner of […]

Buff Chics

Out with the old before the new year begins: Mistress Treasure & Celine, KO, Gabi Mayer, and why didn’t I ever think to feature belly dancers before? Yashmeen Manak is your dancer. More:  Treasure | Celine | KO | Yashmeen

Flex Appeal

Fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene has her battleaxe and is ready to show you she means business. Bodies of Work is out with their new 5th edition gallery showcasing the human form at its absolute fittest. The bottom row starts out with a gallery of former NPC Figure Competiter Wendy Rider […]

Astonishing Amazons

World champion IFBB physique competitor Suzy Kellner is at the beach catching some rays on every inch of that ripped physique, and fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene is back with a video and some pictures. We finish with World, European deadlift , bench press, armlifting record holder Nataliya Kuznetsova who practically […]

Random Wonders

No offense to Gal Gadot but I think Brigitte Goudz has her beat at Wonder Woman judging from these pictures. Not to fret tho, Brigitte can audition for the new Red Sonja film soon to be in production, although I think Big Red might have the inside shot. I didn’t have much anything else to […]

Hot Red & Spooky

I’ve covered this hardbody redhead once before, but I can’t find the gallery, I believe her model name was Soraya. Looks like the girls have put on their costumes and getting ready to ring your doorbell for Halloween. I do suggest you stock up on primo treats as tricks from rampaging muscle girls could get […]

Hard Beauty

A few more peeks at IFBB Pro Physique Competitor, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer Hunter Morgan followed by a gallery of nice morphs from Nem70 who hits the Goldilocks spot with not too big, not too small, just right. Bottom row starts off with IFBB PRO Samantha Skolkin who was voted NYC’s hottest personal trainer […]

Fit Trio

Blue eyed blonde Brittany Bardot is a Porn Star from the Czech Republic where she was born in 1980. Dena Anne is back in nylons, a barely there pink G-string, and a black feather boa that drapes here and there across that perfect body. And Briana Agno is a UC Davis pre-med student, model and […]

Buff Angels

A hot gallery from fitness queen Jenny Poussin showing off her many charms. For some reason Jenny deleted her DeviantArt account, which is a shame because she had such a creative mind making images, cosplay, art and stories on it. Next girl is porn star and bikini/fitness/figure model Aly Milph, sorry to report her website […]

Brawn & Beauty

Ginger Martin and a few galleries from photographer Bobby Deal featuring Larissa Reis, Erin Tolen, and Erica Cordie.

Aspen & Elise

Looks like Aspen Rae is keeping it hot and hard this summer as well as flying helicopters, that is one amazing girl. I hadn’t realized Aspen was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2015 till I stumbled across a few of her pictures there. Elise D Penn is former NPC Figure Competitor who […]

Kailee, Ashley & Jennifer

I’ve got a fresh set of pictures featuring personal trainer and gym rat Kailee showing off at the intersection of strength and beauty, and beside her is the exquisite muscular milf Ashley Brooke going through the motions at the gym. And we finish with Pro Bikini Model Jennifer Kahl who fills out her bikini in […]

Sofie Marie & Dena Anne

Muscle milf Sofie Marie is an Ironman triathlete and 10 time Marathoner who sports a lean toned physique ready for action. And sexy Dena Anne is a professional Cabaret Theater Arts Ballroom dancer, fitness model and trainer.

Brawny Babes

Starting off with two marvelous Muscle Milfs in the form of Tanya and Heather Lee, and finishing with the exotic photography of Simon Dark Side.

Brittni Kent

Spectacular is the word that came to mind when I first laid eyes on Brittni Kent. Brains, beauty and brawn all wrapped up in one unbelievable confection of perfection. You can follow along with Brittni on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr.

Triple Play

Looks like photographer Pit Buehler has released three more pictures of Jay Fuchs from the dramatic image series they made together. I found a tumblr on busty muscle girl Linda Steele from some of her fans from the UK and we finish with a Battle of the Heavyweights from Ultimate Surrender as muscle girls Brandi […]

Two New Girls

Always nice to see new models show up and expand the pool of muscle girl delights for our lusting eyes. First up is Kailee who is a personal trainer and gym rat from Las Vegas where she is a personal trainer at Golds. Next up is Nikki J who tells us ‘I am a competitive […]

New Tits For Aspen

The previous post on Aspen Rae garnered some comments on her getting a boob job recently and having got my mitts on some new pictures of Aspen version 2.0 I thought a comparative study was in order. I’m usually adverse to boob jobs but will have to agree she pulled it off by keeping it […]

Amazing Amazons

More pics of Maria Garcia sporting her killer torso, as well as a few from IronFire herself. Lower row starts off with NPC USA Champion Aleesha Young and finishes with a casting call for a female bodybuilder for a film depicting ‘the story of a driven, but emotionally closed off, young bodybuilder who leaves her […]

Natalia Knyazeva

Natalia Knyazeva is a world champion fitness competitor and one of the most titled athletes in Russia in fitness and bodybuilding. Looks like she has done her fair share of modeling as well judging from all these exquisite photographs. Détente never looked so good comrades…

Beautifully Buff

Erotic fitness model Briana Beau wants you to know she has her own website up now to entertain you with. IFBB Physique Pro Erica Blockman is one cute muscle girl and I’ve got the pics and video to prove it. And we finish with a dynamic photo-set from Costa Rican Esther Rodríguez, aka Tete, showing […]

Mouse & Squirt

One of the sexiest mice you’ll ever come across is this picture gallery of bikini, fitness and glamor model Jenny Poussin showing off her charms & cheese. And muscle girl Arial X shows up on an episode of XR University where she discusses the much-debated topic of female squirting and even masturbates herself to multiple […]

Foxy Muscle Girls

World famous fitness model and IFBB Pro Athlete Monica Martin has a few words for you and Russian fitness girl Tamila Teplitskaya makes for a most delicious feast for your lusting eyes.

Vivid Vixens

Looks like even Autumn is ready to put winter behind her and enjoy the spring and the sun. And I have a gallery of girls who didn’t have enough pics to make their own separate gallery so jumble city.

Tempting Trio

Cover Model and Tri-Fitness Competitor Darla Benfield is ready to show you what shes got, as well as Ms Fitness who sports a sexy slender frame that’s ripped and ready. And we finish with a reminder that Hip-Hop Honey Yves Nunez has her own tumblr now for you to keep up with her.

Skylar Rene Encore

More goodness for you from Skylar Rene, aka Michelle Jacot who we have featured often here, surely there can not be such a thing as too much Skylar Rene can there? There are a few pictures in there from previous post but I think you’ll survive the trauma, and do visit her tumblr to stay […]