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Dua Lipa Sexy

Dua Lipa’s sexy pictures from Adidas Woman Sports Wear, 10.22.2018. Dua Lipa is incredibly popular and we have no objections here. She deserves every ounce of that popularity for being such a hot babe.

Dua Lipa Hot

Hot Dua Lipa pictures from the Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, 09/27/2018. That skirt looks amazing, that top is pretty good as well. In general, we do think that Dua Lipa is pretty damn hot.

Dua Lipa Sexy

Sexy Dua Lipa pictures from Primrose Hill, 07/15/2018. Also featuring: Isaac Carew. The 22-year-old sensation looks sexy as fuck, it’s gonna be lit tonight, etc. Enjoy looking at these pics, fam!