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Amazon Angels

IFBB Physique Pro Asha Hadley sports a marvelous chiseled physique ripped to the nines in this video and picture gallery. A look back at Amber DeLuca in her bad ass biker babe days before she became the strongest female erotic adult performer in the world. And the world’s sexiest contortionist Zlata is now creating latex […]

Muscular Mademoiselles

Just in time for your holiday shopping a fine assortment of real size muscle girl sex dolls awaits your discerning eye. Your tempting redhead is Yvette Agocs from Budapest featured in a video & pictures gallery. Mistress Treasure is in the dungeon giving out the proper punishment to her pain slut, and we end with […]

Buff Chics

Out with the old before the new year begins: Mistress Treasure & Celine, KO, Gabi Mayer, and why didn’t I ever think to feature belly dancers before? Yashmeen Manak is your dancer. More:  Treasure | Celine | KO | Yashmeen

Flex Appeal

Fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene has her battleaxe and is ready to show you she means business. Bodies of Work is out with their new 5th edition gallery showcasing the human form at its absolute fittest. The bottom row starts out with a gallery of former NPC Figure Competiter Wendy Rider […]

Steel Divas

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Pornstar Kelly Estelle shows off a very nice muscular physique in this gallery of her working out in the gym. Next girl is Danni Terresa who is a WNBF Pro World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and physique model, and we end with a small vid from Brandi Mae who […]

Steel Divas

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Pornstar Kelly Estelle shows off a very nice muscular physique in this gallery of her working out in the gym. Next girl is Danni Terresa who is a WNBF Pro World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and physique model, and we end with a small vid from Brandi Mae who […]

Astonishing Amazons

World champion IFBB physique competitor Suzy Kellner is at the beach catching some rays on every inch of that ripped physique, and fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene is back with a video and some pictures. We finish with World, European deadlift , bench press, armlifting record holder Nataliya Kuznetsova who practically […]

Buff Angels

A hot gallery from fitness queen Jenny Poussin showing off her many charms. For some reason Jenny deleted her DeviantArt account, which is a shame because she had such a creative mind making images, cosplay, art and stories on it. Next girl is porn star and bikini/fitness/figure model Aly Milph, sorry to report her website […]

Brawn & Beauty

Ginger Martin and a few galleries from photographer Bobby Deal featuring Larissa Reis, Erin Tolen, and Erica Cordie.

Muscle Models

I’ve covered the photographer Pedro Nossol’s photo-shoot of IFBB Women Body Fitness competitor Isabella Castro before over here and he has a lot more stunning photography for you at his own website. Do check out his portfolio along with the News section and most certainly CORPO, maquina perfeita for all the goodies. Also I have […]

Brawny Babes

Starting off with two marvelous Muscle Milfs in the form of Tanya and Heather Lee, and finishing with the exotic photography of Simon Dark Side.

The Amazons Send Their Regards

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is upon us and the Seven Kingdoms are up for grabs among the various warring factions of Westeros. Minor events considering the horde of White Walkers ready to crash The Wall and bring absolute terror and death upon every man, woman and child they encounter. I’m not sure the […]

Triple Play

Looks like photographer Pit Buehler has released three more pictures of Jay Fuchs from the dramatic image series they made together. I found a tumblr on busty muscle girl Linda Steele from some of her fans from the UK and we finish with a Battle of the Heavyweights from Ultimate Surrender as muscle girls Brandi […]

Raquel, Victoria and Coco

Fitness model/adult entertainer Raquel Sultra is the new girl over at Aziani Iron, Victoria Dominguez, aka Mistress Treasure, is on the beach modeling an orange bikini for you, and we finish with a picture gallery from Coco Crush, aka Ms Fitness.

Buffy Babes

IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller gets coated in a metallic gold pigment and photographed by Michael “Nic” Nicoletti in various poses. You may recall another similar photo-shoot we covered previously by this photographer. Pornstar Sally D’Anglelo was 61 at the time this movie was filmed, she is 63 now and still going strong. How […]

Amazing Amazons

More pics of Maria Garcia sporting her killer torso, as well as a few from IronFire herself. Lower row starts off with NPC USA Champion Aleesha Young and finishes with a casting call for a female bodybuilder for a film depicting ‘the story of a driven, but emotionally closed off, young bodybuilder who leaves her […]

Cindy & Lisa

Someone please call up central casting at Marvel Studios and show them this picture gallery of Cindy Landolt and ask them what are they waiting for. She-Hulk, Valkyrie, Red Sonja, Black Widow, Rogue, just pick one Marvel and enjoy your new multi-million dollar franchise. The only thing that could go wrong I can think of […]

Foxy Muscle Girls

World famous fitness model and IFBB Pro Athlete Monica Martin has a few words for you and Russian fitness girl Tamila Teplitskaya makes for a most delicious feast for your lusting eyes.

Vivid Vixens

Looks like even Autumn is ready to put winter behind her and enjoy the spring and the sun. And I have a gallery of girls who didn’t have enough pics to make their own separate gallery so jumble city.

Roman Centurion

The centurion in the infantry is chosen for her size, strength and dexterity in throwing her missile weapons and for her skill in the use of her sword and shield; in short for her expertness in all the exercises. Strict in exercising and keeping up proper discipline, she is to be vigilant, temperate, active and […]


Your updates start with the gorgeous NPC Women’s Physique Competitor and muscle model Fern Assard looking oh so hot in this picture gallery from Land of Venus. Next up is World Champion IFBB Pro bodybuilder Katka Kyptova from the Czech Republic sporting one of the most solid sexy physiques around. And we finish with Ultimate […]

Denise have you always had a big clit?

Denise was recently asked that question, and she gives a great in depth response: “Have you always had a big clit?” That’s the question I got today. And the answer is, yes… yes I have. I have always had a big clit, big lips and big nipples. I figured I might as well get it […]

Hello Carmin

The sexy sultry Carmin is the newest muscle model over at Aziani Iron and she is as captivating as she is charming. She started body training in 2009 and can bench 225lbs. and squat for 255. Carmin is 33 years old of Italian extraction, 5’1 with measurements of a ripped 34A-26-36 physique. I think we […]

Ironfire Encore

Back at you with more smoking hot sexiness featuring Lindsay Mulinazzi, aka Ironfire, the former NPC Bodybuilding & Fitness Champion. I’ve got pictures from early in her modeling career to recent modeling she has done for Shemuscle. That should give you a good feel for how much she has maintained it over the years and […]

K.C. Inlow

This Iron Goddess is a former NPC National Level Bodybuilder who broke state, national and world records in 2003 with a 177.3 lb. bench press and a 347 lb. deadlift.

Small Breasted Beauties

Holy Bazongas, I opened up the blog this morning and found it tilting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Diagnosis: excess silicon and saline implants. Hopefully this gallery will correct the imbalance and restore some semblance of order. I just got to say it is a shame that so many women feel the need or […]

Muscle Bunnies

Former AVN Female Performer of the Year and muscle model Inari Vachs is hitting the bike today to stay in shape, and at 42 years old now all that work she puts in keeps that svelte body humming along. Your golden girl is American professional female bodybuilder and women’s physique competitor Colette Nelson who previously […]

The Treasure of Darkside Dettwiller

Yeah, sorry about that title but it was just too poetic not to use. Anyways, what we have here for your discerning eyes is some vintage Melissa Dettwiller showing off that sexy muscle girl body that took her to the top of the class. And the other gallery is Darkside Milinda along with Mistress Treasure […]

Muscle Mix

Starting you off with a sexy gallery of NPC National Level Bodybuilder Leann George showing off her stunning physique. Next up is natural athlete Stefanie Macherhammer (h/t Bob) who reminds me a wee bit of Red Stripe. Catherine Holland takes you to a dated online article titled You’d Be Surprised How Many IFBB Pros Have […]

Rita & Gina

Rita Sargo is a first place winner of the IFBB Dutch Grand Prix as well as the NK (Dutch Nationals – Bodybuilding) and she sports one stout physique to go along with her gorgeous looks. Gina Jones is an NPC National Level Bodybuilder who says ‘I have been evolving, sculpting & perfecting my body for […]

Autumn Medley

Muscle mama Autumn Raby puts her ripped physique on display for you and also a medley of wallpapers of amazon awesomeness.

Sheila & Allison

Sheila Bleck, she of the titanic torso, ranks as the 6th best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List. She is modeling here for the now defunct Sweetmuscle website but you may remember her showing off that bodacious body for Land of Venus. Alison Evans, known for her “MILF Hunter” videos, is […]

Hardbody Divas

Marina Lopez is an ol’ cowhand from the Rio Grande, knows every trail in the Lone Star State. Yippie yi yo kayah. Re-upping an old gallery of Megan Avalon that got lost through the years and we finish with the raunchy exploits of Yvette Bova over at the Kink Website.

Artistic Physique

I came across some pictures of her modeling under the name Artistic Physique and knew I had posted her here modeling for Female Cougars and Female Bondage under the name Claire. A little bit of research turned up enough pictures to make a nice gallery of this beautiful muscle girl. She says she is ‘a […]

Provocative Physiques

Katia Callegari is a 20 year old nationally qualified figure competitor looking to further her modelling career in fitness and fashion, and after checking out her pictures I think you’ll want to see way more of this delicious dish. Emily Nicholson is catching the final swim for the summer, and I leave you with an […]

Sexy Muscle Babes

World famous fitness model/IFBB Pro Athlete Monica Martin is originally from Brazil now out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She began bodybuilding as a teenager, and was the first girl from her country to become an IFBB Pro bodybuilder. Massive and ultra ripped Italian heavyweight bodybuilder Antonella Grilli is looking pretty dramatic in this set of […]

Alluring Amazons

Ukrainian Bodybuilding Champion Anna Mikhaylenko (her website) says of herself ‘I am a serious lifter (“I lift real huge weights”) and arm wrestler. I’m also an actress, and one of the most muscular female bodybuilders on the planet – incredibly strong, charismatic, and beautiful with a sweet personality!’ Next up is Jeselyn who is a […]


This fierce inferno of a muscle girl is a former NPC Bodybuilding & Fitness Champion and currently strength & conditioning specialist, nutrition specialist, choreographer for bodybuilding & fitness, and of course her famed career as a fitness model. With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, IronFire has many interest including strength training, martial arts, kickboxing, […]

Erotic Physiques

Ana Maria Zvinca I’ve covered before in a previous post, but those pictures were deleted and her website is deleted as well, so a gallery for posterity’s sake. And a few more pictures of fitness diva Diana Tyuleneva: 5’6″ tall, weighs in at 127 lbs, and sports a delicious 36-23-36 figure that’s built like an […]

Buff Bunnies

Starting off with some great images from Ed Okani who is photographer for the Brazilian Portal Treino website. Next up is sexy IFBB PRO Figure Athlete and international fitness model Maria Garcia (nudes). Bottom row: A look at Kortney Olson to see how she is staying in shape since quiting her nude modeling. And we […]

Power Girls

Another look at former NPC Figure competitor Stephanie Rupp (previously) showing off her powerful physique. Laurie Steele is a former bodybuilder and now fitness model sporting a delicious thick look. Mistress Treasure has a few new pix for you and we close out with 62 year old IFBB Pro Celia Cadena who is still competing […]

Hot Muscle Girls

It has been too long since we’ve featured the incomparable Larissa Reis so here’s a fresh look at this gorgeous buff beauty. Next up is the charming, charismatic and fun, 6’5″ Goddess Severa, (pronounced Sev-AIR-uh) who will also kick your ass. A former college and professional athlete she was also a successful NYC model. And […]


Coming at you with fitness icon Paige Hathaway, muscle cougar Clarkflex, World Champion Female bodybuilder Oana Hreapca, and a pornstar I came across who looks like she works out with those biceps.

Beauty, Art & Glory

Katyukha Kuznetsova is from Russia where she is a personal trainer and model, and you can also find more pictures here of this buff beauty, though they are a bit small. The girl’s got some sexy dance moves as well. Brazilian artist sgcaio (musclexx) has a new series of art up at his deviantArt gallery […]