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Witness to Fitness

A color picture gallery from Bill Dobbins, one of the original pioneers of imaging the muscular female physique. Next up is IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Valentina Mishina sporting such a magnificent physique. The bottom row returns Nina Dolce and Brooke Tyler.

Throwbacks & More

Starting out with the photography of Pavel Garasko before we turn our attention to Lauren Powers, Juliana Malacarne, and Krisztina Sereny.

More Muscle Dolls

It’s been way too long since we’ve featured the delicious Mavi Gioia around here so here she is in a video looking divine in hot pink. A muscled acrobat from Eastern Europe, Eva Rakova is here ready to bend over backwards for you to give you a glimpse of heaven. The bottom row starts off […]

Heather Armbrust Policky

Re-upping an old gallery that had decayed over the years, pixels have a shelf-life apparently. A fantastic picture gallery and I always thought the picture of the wine goblet resting on Heather’s ass was kind of iconic.

More Found Treasure

Some more eye candy from professional dominatrix, fetish model, bodybuilder Mistress Treasure, from one of her model shoots over at the now defunct Kaos Kittens website.

Random Russians

A shout-out and salute to all the muscle girls of Russia. You always think of Russia with a strong physical culture and the women there are no exception judging from this picture gallery featuring the strong and the beautiful…

Tits, Clits & Ass

Starting off with fitness/figure pro model and competitor Bethany Nelson expertly photographed here by Tom Nguyen. Next up are some webcam clips of Women’s Physique competitor Vladislava Galagan, whom I’m sorry to relay no longer cams. That big beefy clit your gawking at belongs to a muscular escort in Brazil going by the name Ana […]

Kali, Brandi & Dani

Kali Feline (website ~ model page) photographed here superbly by Michael Hardy is a former NPC stage competitor who’s now a model, fitness freak, cannabis advocate and brand ambassador. Brandi Mae and Ariel X star in a reality TV show where the covert boss sexually disciplines a naughty employee. Your final muscle babe is Dani […]

Sexy Jester

Tia is back from the masquerade ball and trick-or-treating and she’s ready to show off her costume for you. Did she ring your door bell?

Halloween Treats

And not a trick in the bag. Red Sonja fights the Pumpkin King, a slinky contortionist hangs like a bat on a rope, a couple of spider girls make an appearance, and we finish with a rogue’s gallery of ghouls, goblins and witches.

Oana & Monica

World champion female bodybuilder Oana Hreapca and Brazilian bodybuilder Monica Martin.

Roxy, Cindy & Lea

Starting off with nude bodybuilder Roxie Rain and her splendid muscular body before we get to the Cindy Landolt autumn collection. The bottom row features sporty beauty Lea with a picture gallery and a video.

Elite Muscle Girls

NPC physique competitor Shannon Seeley is truly a revelation of strength and beauty, just an absolute muscle babe. Wallpapers? Do people still use wallpapers? Not sure, but here’s 15 flavors for your discerning eyes. Sheila Bleck starts the bottom row and we finish with a re-up of Janet Mason featuring some fresh pics.

Kaos Kitten

Mistress Treasure is looking in particular fine form in this gallery from Kaos Kittens featuring her chiseled physique among her many other charms. Kaos Kittens is no more but you can find Treasure here at her website.

Milf & More

I’m not sure who our smiling muscle milf is but she is well built and very friendly with her girlfriend. Fitness babe Shannon Kelly is your next girl, a former kickboxer, porn star and adult model of Irish and Italian descent. The bottom row starts you off with a video clip from Boundless Comics, a […]

Muscle Melons

Looks like our Kortney Olson has made a small cottage industry for herself with her watermelon crushing routine, this time taking her all the way to a spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show for National Watermelon Day. The slinky hardbody of Marisa Matthews completes the row before we get to some very early Annie Rivieccio, […]


Your anatomy classes continue with art model Kristýna Tomaschová focusing on the recling nude (previously here & there), and another picture gallery of fetish/glamour model and fantasy wrestler Andrea Rosu. The bottom row starts off with a gallery of Dena Anne and finishes with the contortions of Bella Bends.


First up is Italian IFBB Figure competitor Elena Rago who is part of a large portfolio of photographer Cristian Vivaldi. Next is Diana Schnaidt who is a tremendously ripped and shredded Figure Pro from Miami Beach. Bottom row starts off with American female bodybuilder Aleesha Young, winner of the NPC USA Championships in 2014. Your […]

Blonde & Brawn

A pair of blonde bombers for you starting off with Lea Dancestyle, who is from Germany where she is a fitness trainer, model and dancer. Yulia Shenkarenko is an elite pro Ukrainian powerlifter, athlete and personal trainer.

Venusian Delights

Some hot freshness from Land of Venus for your viewing pleasure, and finally a Japanese sex toy company heard your pleas for a muscle girl masturbator and they have come up with a device they call the Transcending Mysterious Japanese Female Bodybuilder Onahole. They state “this unique masturbator features biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose […]

Fit Physiques

Hmmm, I wonder how an old-school muscle girl legend like Dayana Cadeau would stack up against some of the newer muscle models we see these days, like a Cindy Landolt for instance. Mistress Kara has her own website now to entice you with, and we finish…

Physical Attraction

Spanish physique competitor Laura Pintado Chinchilla is the overall winner of the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe and she is definitely a card carrying member of the Big Girls Club. Next up is Brazilian IFBB professional bodybuilder Juliana Malacarne who is here to show you just how sexy a 43 year old woman can look. And […]

Boob Battle & More

Commentator MissInformed criticized the deluge of fake tits like Aleesha Young’s newer look a few post back stating ‘it’s sad how these women cave in to a male dominated appeal and their own insecurity over not being ”feminine”.’ It’s that age old debate of the Battle of the Boobs so I thought I’d toss up […]

Sexy Muscle Ladies

New pictures from Carmin Blue, Ashley Brooke and Fern Assard. Your bald-headed beauty is Lee Binks looking fiercely dazzling as she kicks cancer’s ass while becoming a three time national champion.

Love & Consequences

Your Valentines Day edition features love with its betrothed beginning and ends with the connubial dividend, expected or not. Heather Lee showed up too, said she wants to be your valentine!

Delicious Divinity

Photographer Jan Teller is based out of Denmark with a deep passion for capturing the strength and the beauty of the human body. Some of the finest physique imagery around and he has a huge portfolio on his Instagram for you to enjoy. Next up is Australian IFBB Physique Pro Competitor Lee-Anne Temnyk winner of […]

Hardbody Heaven

Hot Massive Muscle from top Canadian Physique Pro Kennedy Ledgerwood. Next is NPC figure competitor, personal trainer, and fitness model Ava Jordan looking awesome in her yellow bikini and wet tanned skin. Bottom row starts off with hardbody pornstar Nikki Delano keeping it tight in the gym, and we leave you with the World Cup […]

Amazon Angels

IFBB Physique Pro Asha Hadley sports a marvelous chiseled physique ripped to the nines in this video and picture gallery. A look back at Amber DeLuca in her bad ass biker babe days before she became the strongest female erotic adult performer in the world. And the world’s sexiest contortionist Zlata is now creating latex […]

Muscular Mademoiselles

Just in time for your holiday shopping a fine assortment of real size muscle girl sex dolls awaits your discerning eye. Your tempting redhead is Yvette Agocs from Budapest featured in a video & pictures gallery. Mistress Treasure is in the dungeon giving out the proper punishment to her pain slut, and we end with […]

Buff Chics

Out with the old before the new year begins: Mistress Treasure & Celine, KO, Gabi Mayer, and why didn’t I ever think to feature belly dancers before? Yashmeen Manak is your dancer. More:  Treasure | Celine | KO | Yashmeen

Flex Appeal

Fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene has her battleaxe and is ready to show you she means business. Bodies of Work is out with their new 5th edition gallery showcasing the human form at its absolute fittest. The bottom row starts out with a gallery of former NPC Figure Competiter Wendy Rider […]

Steel Divas

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Pornstar Kelly Estelle shows off a very nice muscular physique in this gallery of her working out in the gym. Next girl is Danni Terresa who is a WNBF Pro World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and physique model, and we end with a small vid from Brandi Mae who […]

Steel Divas

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Pornstar Kelly Estelle shows off a very nice muscular physique in this gallery of her working out in the gym. Next girl is Danni Terresa who is a WNBF Pro World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and physique model, and we end with a small vid from Brandi Mae who […]

Astonishing Amazons

World champion IFBB physique competitor Suzy Kellner is at the beach catching some rays on every inch of that ripped physique, and fetish model, wrestler and NPC Bikini Competitor Skylar Rene is back with a video and some pictures. We finish with World, European deadlift , bench press, armlifting record holder Nataliya Kuznetsova who practically […]

Buff Angels

A hot gallery from fitness queen Jenny Poussin showing off her many charms. For some reason Jenny deleted her DeviantArt account, which is a shame because she had such a creative mind making images, cosplay, art and stories on it. Next girl is porn star and bikini/fitness/figure model Aly Milph, sorry to report her website […]

Brawn & Beauty

Ginger Martin and a few galleries from photographer Bobby Deal featuring Larissa Reis, Erin Tolen, and Erica Cordie.

Muscle Models

I’ve covered the photographer Pedro Nossol’s photo-shoot of IFBB Women Body Fitness competitor Isabella Castro before over here and he has a lot more stunning photography for you at his own website. Do check out his portfolio along with the News section and most certainly CORPO, maquina perfeita for all the goodies. Also I have […]

Brawny Babes

Starting off with two marvelous Muscle Milfs in the form of Tanya and Heather Lee, and finishing with the exotic photography of Simon Dark Side.

The Amazons Send Their Regards

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is upon us and the Seven Kingdoms are up for grabs among the various warring factions of Westeros. Minor events considering the horde of White Walkers ready to crash The Wall and bring absolute terror and death upon every man, woman and child they encounter. I’m not sure the […]

Triple Play

Looks like photographer Pit Buehler has released three more pictures of Jay Fuchs from the dramatic image series they made together. I found a tumblr on busty muscle girl Linda Steele from some of her fans from the UK and we finish with a Battle of the Heavyweights from Ultimate Surrender as muscle girls Brandi […]

Raquel, Victoria and Coco

Fitness model/adult entertainer Raquel Sultra is the new girl over at Aziani Iron, Victoria Dominguez, aka Mistress Treasure, is on the beach modeling an orange bikini for you, and we finish with a picture gallery from Coco Crush, aka Ms Fitness.

Buffy Babes

IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller gets coated in a metallic gold pigment and photographed by Michael “Nic” Nicoletti in various poses. You may recall another similar photo-shoot we covered previously by this photographer. Pornstar Sally D’Anglelo was 61 at the time this movie was filmed, she is 63 now and still going strong. How […]

Amazing Amazons

More pics of Maria Garcia sporting her killer torso, as well as a few from IronFire herself. Lower row starts off with NPC USA Champion Aleesha Young and finishes with a casting call for a female bodybuilder for a film depicting ‘the story of a driven, but emotionally closed off, young bodybuilder who leaves her […]

Cindy & Lisa

Someone please call up central casting at Marvel Studios and show them this picture gallery of Cindy Landolt and ask them what are they waiting for. She-Hulk, Valkyrie, Red Sonja, Black Widow, Rogue, just pick one Marvel and enjoy your new multi-million dollar franchise. The only thing that could go wrong I can think of […]

Foxy Muscle Girls

World famous fitness model and IFBB Pro Athlete Monica Martin has a few words for you and Russian fitness girl Tamila Teplitskaya makes for a most delicious feast for your lusting eyes.