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Ex Girlfriend Big Boobs

Hello guys. A few days ago my girlfriend traveled to San Diego to see her parents so I was incredible bored and I called a prostitute. Her name was Brenda and she was about 20 years old. She was petite, brown hair and with a very big pair of natural tits. Ex GF Big Boobs … Continue reading Ex Girlfriend Big Boobs

Big Tits Videos

First and foremost how would you feel if a man touches your girlfriend’s big tits in front of you and she likes it? A few days ago her ex bf touched my gf’s boobs and she seems to be happy with that so do I have the right to complain? She was horny and always … Continue reading Big Tits Videos

My Tits Are Too Big (PHOTOS)

My name is Laura and I’m from Brooklyn. I think that my boobs are just so fucking huge. I’m very skinny so they even looks bigger. When are boobs too big for you? I’ve always been the ‘booby-y’ girl. I’m a natural D size with apparently, good genetics but people talks about my breast all the … Continue reading My Tits Are Too Big (PHOTOS)

Ugly Girls With Big Boobs

I’m single again. Yes, I broke up with my girlfriend and feel a little bit alone so I use to fuck some ugly girls with big boobs from Tinder. Why? Because ugly chicks are easier and less problematics, they are happy having sex with normal looking guys like me. I don’t care about the girl’s face … Continue reading Ugly Girls With Big Boobs

How To Have Sex With Big Tit Girls?

A week ago, right after having sex with my gf, I got out of bed to drink a beer, check facebook and you know, smoke some pod. Lights were off but even in the dark I could tell something wasn’t right in my mind because I had a moment of clarity and in that moment I … Continue reading How To Have Sex With Big Tit Girls?