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Lyla Lei

Lyla Lei @
Isn’t it great that we live in an ethnically diverse country? I mean I love all the diversity this great country has to offer! I mean I can drive just around the corner and see all the colors of the rainbow!! And guess w…

Marica Hase

Marica Hase @
Whenever Marica Hase makes the long flight over the Pacific from Tokyo to the United States, she spends some time over at Prince Yashua’s bachelor pad. It’s an incredible place, and one of Marica’s favorite rooms is t…

Marica Hase

Marica Hase @
Whenever Marica Hase makes the long flight over the Pacific from Tokyo to the United States, she spends some time over at Prince Yashua’s bachelor pad. It’s an incredible place, and one of Marica’s favorite rooms i…


Kitty @
You know what’s funny about this week’s update? Max Black’s gigantic dick is about as big as this week’s slut — Lil’ Miss Kitty. She’s about 4 foot 9, and I think Max’s dick is, like, 4 foot 5. HAHA. Well, not really, but …

Keani And Dick

Keani And Dick @
This is a crazy one! I bring my friend Keani over for some black dick. She’s done it before, and with Mandingo even. The biggest I think I have had up to date is Jack Napier, then prolly Ice Cold or Shane… I don’…

Sakura Scott

Sakura Scott Sakura Scott
Sakura Scott @
Sakura is from the far east or something like that. She told me that there aren’t really any black men where she’s from. I almost fainted from the shock of that so I had Tone Capone come over and show her what she’s been missing. One American Whore and one Asian Whore being brought together by a huge throbbing black cock. It was a sight to see as she claimed to “love black dick” as it was going in and out of her mouth like a piston. Sakura soon moved out here and married a small cock white boy for her Visa. She sneaks out at nigt (like I do) and goes on the prowl for the black cock that she’s now a fiend for. I heard she might be pregnant with a black baby since that black creampie is always on target!

Sakura Scott Sakura Scott

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Lillie Ann

Lillie Ann @
Lillie Ann
Lillie Ann comes from Seattle down to LA in search of a long black dick to satisfy her oral urgings. She may not be a beauty queen, but she does have one very interesting characteristic that makes her uniq…

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August Taylor

August Taylor @
August Taylor is a shoe whore. You should see her closet! It’s literally packed with hundred of pairs of shoes, and today’s she’s chosen 4 that she feels matches her sexy outfit. What she’s waiting for is a well-hun…

August Taylor

August Taylor @
August Taylor is a shoe whore. You should see her closet! It’s literally packed with hundred of pairs of shoes, and today’s she’s chosen 4 that she feels matches her sexy outfit. What she’s waiting for is a well…

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