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We think it’s safe to call Carolina Sweets a "life coach" who works with people who come to her studio on things like yoga, mediation, mindfulness…anything to help people deal with the always-stres…

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Jade Nile is a self-proclaimed slut. Unlike most females in today’s society, Jade has no issues shopping at adult bookstores. She consumes pornography; Jade loves trying new sexual lubricants to see which ones work best…

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Heya boys and girls! I wanted to add this scene right away, but as soon as I added it, my best friend Sophia called me to go to the mall. So when I come back, I will give you a little reacap on this crazy movie! ….. …


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Some whores don’t need to be "converted" into black cock sluts. Take Trina Michaels, for example. She’s been a BCS since I have, I think! Maybe longer! Trina’s a total whore, and she’s a size queen, too. I love wa…

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Whenever Marica Hase makes the long flight over the Pacific from Tokyo to the United States, she spends some time over at Prince Yashua’s bachelor pad. It’s an incredible place, and one of Marica’s favorite rooms i…

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Imagine 100lbs of walking, talking turd and you get a visual of Jeanie Marie. When she’s not working the streets for 7-11 money she’s sucking and fucking on camera like a comatose patient. Her soon-to-be-fired pimp d…

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